The ambulance authority reveals the details of the health status of the students injured in the pyramid bus accident


Dr. Mansour Khalil, Director of Al Haram Hospital, revealed that all the injured cases in the shooting bus accident, which were transferred to the hospital, had been stabilized, adding that there are only two cases for a child and a school supervisor who were placed in intensive care, and the rest of the cases are being examined and continued: The injuries varied between bruises and abrasions.

Ambulance sources said that the accident took place at the creativity school bus in Al-Haram, and 17 injured students were transferred to Al-Haram Hospital, and they are now being screened and medical care is provided to them.

The sources added, “The driver is in a simple condition, and two cases have been placed under care as a precaution, as a precaution for exposing them to serious health complications.”

The shooting range in Giza witnessed a school bus coup in front of the Egyptian Museum.

The operation room of the General Directorate of Rescue received a report from the designated services at the pyramid of a traffic accident, and immediately the traffic officers moved to the place to manage the traffic of cars.


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