The artist is famous: I was for Mahmoud Yassin in the last four years, and I thank God for that


Shahira said that the late artist Mahmoud Yassin told her about his first love story, “Mahasin”, who died in a traffic accident, and I do not know whether she remained inside him or not, but it was a very early period of his life, and I continued without him very much, but I did not change kisses In the movies, I always remembered the kiss that he kissed me in the first movie, and I was at that time connected, but during filming I did not feel any feelings, so what about the kiss to one of his colleagues?

The artist added during her meeting with one of the people program presented by the journalist Amr El-Leithy, and it is broadcast on Al-Hayat channel. By all accounts, his hand and his leg were left.

Shahira continued, “Mahmoud used to spoil me for the last moment in his life, so I remember that when I decided to cut my hair in the past few days and took his opinion, he started flirting a lot, and when we were quarreling, I was the one to reconcile with him, so Mahmoud was my son in the past four years and I was his mother in the sense of the word.” And I thank God for giving me the opportunity to be in this place.


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