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The Azerbaijani army enters the neighboring district ...

Azerbaijan announced on Wednesday that its armed forces had entered the Kalbajar district adjacent to the separatist Karabakh region, the second of the three provinces that Armenia agreed to withdraw its forces

Announced Azerbaijan On Wednesday, its armed forces entered the Kalbajar district, adjacent to the separatist Karabakh region, which is the second of the three provinces that Armenia agreed to withdraw its forces from and hand them over to Baku as part of a ceasefire agreement signed by the two parties early this month.

The Ministry of Defense in Baku said in a statement that “units of the Azerbaijani army entered the Kalbajar district on November 25,” according to the agreement signed earlier this November by Armenia and Azerbaijan under the auspices of Russia, which provides in particular for Baku to regain control of three Districts bordering Karabakh: Armenian separatists controlled for three decades and were forced to withdraw after their military defeat in the recent conflict.

Last week, the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev and his wife toured the lands that Azerbaijan had recaptured from the Armenian forces, after violent clashes around the Nagorno Karabakh region that ended in the defeat of Yerevan.

Two weeks ago, Baku and Yerevan signed a peace agreement brokered by Moscow that ended six weeks of fighting over Nagorny Karabakh, leaving thousands dead and tens of thousands displaced.

Under the deal, which Azerbaijan celebrated and sparked anger in Armenia, Yerevan agreed to cede large swaths of the disputed area to Baku, as well as other lands that Armenian separatists have controlled since the devastating war of the 1990s.

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