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Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Ruler of Dubai, heads a government apparatus in the Emirates with a high degree of efficiency, and does not stop seeking to transfer something from the experiences of his government apparatus to the rest of the capitals, not only in the region around him, but around the earth as well!

And when it was announced hours ago that his prizes for Arab government excellence were announced, I remembered that the “government summit” that the man invites in February of every year in Dubai had preceded and allocated awards for government excellence in the world .. I remember well how the Minister of Finance in Indonesia obtained The award for the best minister in the world in one of that summit’s sessions .. I remember that the Minister of Health in Senegal won it in another session .. and that an Afghan minister won it in a third round .. and so on .. and so on .. to the rest of the race sessions that were distinguished by the fact that the UAE ministers They do not enter it out of a desire to achieve a higher degree of neutrality!

In one of the summit sessions there I had met Dr. Hala Al-Saeed, and I wished for her that the award would be her share in a next session, and she was not aware, nor did I know at the time that the Arab Excellence Award would be her luck in 2020 as the best Arab minister!

It is fortunate that the Benban Solar Energy Project in Aswan won the best Arab government project in infrastructure development, which means that Minister Muhammad Shaker had a luck in this year’s award .. congratulations to them are obligatory … and with them we were on a date with two other awards, one of which was won Major General Adel El-Ghadhban, Governor of Port Said, was the best Arab governor, and the second went to Noha Ahmed El-Sayed, Director of the Technological Center for Citizens Service in Al-Muntazah District in Alexandria, as the best Arab government employee!

The aim of the award for the best minister in the world at the summit of governments was for every minister in any country to be rewarded for providing public government services to his citizens in the best possible way! … And I think that this same philosophy governs the excellence awards at the Arab level!

And we still remember how the artist Fouad Al-Muhandis and with him the artist Raafat Fahim had spent many years photographing the negatives of the government apparatus in a morning radio program that was immensely popular, perhaps because it was hitting the sensitive nerve of every citizen who dealt with our government apparatus! .. And this device will reach What we love from a level, when the popular program finds nothing to offer !.

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