The body of a doctor was found inside his clinic in Qena


1:10 PM

Monday 02 November 2020

Qena – Abdul Rahman Al-Qurashi:

Today, Monday, a number of people in Qena found the body of a doctor, in his private clinic, on Al-Mahatta Street, in the Dishna district, north of Qena Governorate.

Major General Muhammad Abu al-Majd, Director of Qena Security, received a notification from the ambulance facility, stating that the body of a doctor was found, lying on the ground in his private clinic, in the Deshna Center.

A security force moved from the Dishna police station to the location of the incident, and it was found that the body of Dr. Mohsen S. S., in his fifties, was a nose and ear doctor, lying on the ground inside his clinic, intensifying its procedures to identify the cause of death.

He wrote the necessary report on the incident and notified the Public Prosecution to conduct investigations.

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