The Contractors comments on the crisis of Ahmed Mustafa and confirms the strength of relations with the Ismaili


Eng. Mohamed Adel Fathy, member of the Board of Directors of the Arab Contractors and the supervisor of the football team, confirmed that the relations between the contractors management and their counterparts in Ismaili are historical and do not affect them under any circumstances, adding in statements to “The Seventh Day”: Our complaint was against the player Ahmed Mustafa, who signed the His transfer contracts to the team before he travels to Belgium and returns and signs to the Ismaili Club, in order to preserve our rights and have nothing to do with the Ismaili, with whom we have an excellent relationship.

Adel continued: There must be professionalism on the part of the players, especially that the player signed with us with his full desire and we were surprised after that by his signature with Ismaily.

The Arab Contractors Club filed an official complaint with the Football Association against the player Ahmed Mustafa, who signed his transfer contracts to the team before traveling to Belgium and returning and signing to the Ismaili Club, and the contractors sent an official letter confirming that the player had completed all medical examination procedures and signed contracts over a period of 3 days at the club before he He asks to travel to Belgium to finish some personal matters before surprising the club by signing the Ismaili club, despite his previous signing of the contractors, and the contractors’ request in the letter to preserve his right to the player.

The club said in its speech: We present this complaint against each of the player Ahmed Mustafa Al-Sayed Taher and his fame (Ahmed Mustafa), born on October 21 1997. And the Ismaili club, as the player Ahmed Mustafa Al-Sayed Taher and his fame (Ahmed Mustafa), born 10/21/1997, expressed his desire to sign with the club to play within the football team (free transfer), starting from the 2020/2021 sports season for a period of four years: Since there are currently no models for standard contracts for players in the Egyptian Football Association to be issued with the player, a contract was drawn up between the club and the player and it was signed by both parties for a period of four sporting seasons. .

This contract stipulates the obligation of the second party (the player) to sign the unified contract issued by the Egyptian Football Association, which will be drawn up between the two parties (the club and the player) with the same terms of this contract. The player attended the club for three days, to complete the medical examination procedures, and promised that he would travel to Belgium and then attend the club on Tuesday, but he did not attend until now, and we have learned that this player had signed for the Ismaili Club after his contract with us, so please kindly know and alert To take action to preserve the club’s rights.


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