The daughter of the artist Saeed Saleh Petruq Muhammad Ramadan: Pope is oppressed, he discovered


Hind, the daughter of Saeed Saleh, published a post attacking Muhammad Ramadan, through her official account on the social networking site dedicated to exchanging photos and videos, “Instagram”, and it is considered one of the things that got great follow-up rates.

Attacking the daughter of Saeed Saleh, the artist Mohamed Ramadan, “Pope is oppressed, it was discovered”

Hind wrote, saying, “It is fine that Baba died normal, otherwise he would have died oppressed for himself that he discovered you because it was the sight of heaven and the joy that Egypt has sweet talents, and he is the one who introduces them himself, what is this?”

She continued by saying, “This one, when he saw a tourist from them in Dahab or Sharm el-Sheikh, and distinguished him from the bowl on his brain, that his whole body was shaking off Hava Nagela, what would she dance on? Jack 60 Hava Nagela on your brain, you far away.

Muhammad Ramadan has sparked a great controversy during the past few days, and this is after his appearance with many Israelis at a party in Dubai and his accusation of normalization with the Zionist entity, and it is considered one of the things that caused great controversy.

The Acting Professions Syndicate has issued a press release regarding the artist Mohamed Ramadan’s photo crisis with Israelis that recently occurred, and the council has followed up in the last hours with great interest and responsibility by all Egyptian artists and creators. Syndicate.


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