The establishment of the African Super in Cairo officially


Confirmed Amr Al-Ganaini Chairman of the committee responsible for managing the Football Association, N. Confederation of African Football “enough He informed El-Gabalaya that the holding of the African Super match between Al-Ahly Club and Nahdet Berkane Al-Maghribi in Egypt in Cairo will not be transferred permanently.Al-Ganaini said in statements with Schubert on Radio On Sport: “CAF has officially informed us of the establishment of the African Super match in Cairo, and there is no intention to change the venue, and this is a final decision.”

He continued: “The African Super will not be held at Cairo Stadium, which will be closed for a month due to the winter sowing, so we will define another stadium and announce it later.”

On the Egyptian Cup Final, Amr Al-Ganaini said: “We are currently consulting with the security authorities about the stadium that will host the Egyptian Cup Final scheduled for next Saturday.”

Al-Ahly club hit a date with the Moroccan Berkane Renaissance in the African Super match, after it managed to win the African Champions League title at the expense of Zamalek Club with a score of 2/1 in the match that was held between them at Cairo Stadium.

Amr Al-Ganaini, head of the five-year committee responsible for managing the Football Association, revealed the details of the General Assembly of the Football Association and the controversy surrounding some of the disputed items.

Al-Ganaini said in statements with Schubert on Radio On Sport: “I congratulate the Egyptian football for holding a high-end general assembly with a wonderful intellectual level and a healthy discussion to the farthest extent and recorded. It was one of my happiest days. The general assembly lasted from eleven in the morning yesterday to eight in the evening and we discussed 86 items in it.”

He continued: “We did not vote on the list, but discussed each item and voted on it alone without a” card “. The most difficult item was discussing the number of members of the General Assembly, and it was finally agreed on 134 members in a final way after a lengthy dialogue.

He added: “We formed the drafting committee to prevent any confusion and disagreement in the concept of any clause, as happened in the recruitment clause, and raised the slogan of the Constitution, the Law, and FIFA did not have any change in them. Without any confusion. ”

Amr Al-Ganaini continued: “The General Assembly appreciated the efforts of the Five-Year Committee and requested that it continue for another year, and we put this requirement in the minutes of the General Assembly and we will submit it to FIFA and await the decision of the International Federation, today 30 November is our last day, but we have a mandate from FIFA to finish the list and seal it and publish it and inform them of them and wait for the step Coming ”

He concluded: “We have successfully completed the statute and a generality befitting Egypt and continue our work until further notice, 10 days or less in which we will end publishing the list after it is approved by the Olympic and the Ministry of Sports and send it to FIFA and wait for the elections to be approved, O extension of the Five-Year Committee.”

Yesterday, the General Assembly of the Football Association was held in the presence of 79 members of the General Assembly, and during the session the members rejected the proposed item 12 of the quintet, which makes the members limited to 96 members only, and after long discussions that lasted an hour and a half, the vote was rejected on the proposal and the amendment vote to increase the number of members of the Assembly to 134 members.

The General Assembly also triumphed in Article 37 of the eight-year progressive, which was established from the five-year period so that it would be applied retroactively to those who had previously entered the Federation Council, but the General Assembly rejected it and voted to cancel the retroactive effect of the clause and make it immediate since the regulation was applied and approved.


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