The evacuation of government headquarters in Cairo at this time … and the closure is the fate of any non-compliance store on Black Friday


Dr. Mustafa Madbouly, Chairman Council of MinistersWednesday, cabinet meeting, via video conference; This is to discuss a number of important issues and files.
And was launched Prime Minister The meeting, noting that this week witnessed the conduct of the second phase of the elections for the House of Representatives, stressing that things went smoothly, and there were no concrete complaints; Whether in terms of organization or the availability of the necessary logistics, he thanked in this context the National Elections Authority, and all the ministries and agencies that contributed to the completion of the electoral process in a civilized manner.

Dr. Mustafa Madbouly also noted that this week also witnessed the occurrence of a broom notch in both the governorates of Alexandria and Matrouh, pointing out that based on meteorological reports and forecasts, the governors were warned to declare the state of emergency, indicating at the same time that he was following up the situation by phone with the governors. All day long.

In this regard, the Prime Minister thanked the Minister of Defense and Military Production, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, for the role played by the Northern Command and the Naval Forces Command in providing support and assistance to the Alexandria Governorate, to deal with the amount of torrential rains that continued to fall for long hours, pointing out. He pointed out that the problem faced by those in charge of dealing with these rains was in the informal areas in Alexandria, which confirms the great importance that the state attaches to the development of these areas and the transfer of the population to alternative, eligible areas.

In the same context, the Prime Minister indicated that governors are given the discretionary power to suspend studies in his governorate, according to the circumstances on the ground, and in a way that contributes to alleviating the impact of heavy rains in those governorates, and at the same time provides the opportunity for local agencies to deal immediately with The situation or any developments related to it.

During the meeting, the Prime Minister referred to the meeting he held yesterday; To follow up on the developments of the current situation of the projects being implemented in the New Administrative Capital, and the ongoing preparations in preparation for moving to it, stressing in this regard the necessity to expedite the implementation of all matters related to the digital transformation file and the new electronic applications, stressing that this file is the main distinguishing feature of the topic of transition, as Business and correspondence between government agencies will be performed electronically, reiterating that all government headquarters in Cairo will be completely evacuated, and that the few numbers that will remain in Cairo will be provided with smaller alternative places, and none of the workers in those main headquarters will be allowed to continue It will be evacuated.

With regard to the shops’ preparations for the season of so-called “black Friday” sales, and the crowding out that is expected to be witnessed, the Prime Minister stressed the need for strict application of all precautionary measures while inside malls and shops, stressing that any stores that violate these procedures will be closed. For 3 days.

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