The fact that the earth was darkened by 3 days by the end of December – Egyptian stars


Activists on social media circulated, in recent days, news of the planet’s exposure to complete darkness for 3 days at the end of next December as a result of a severe solar storm.

Solar storm

In turn, Dr. Gad Al-Qadi, head of the National Institute for Astronomical Research, responded to this news, as he confirmed the incorrect information spread on social media, and that the institute had not detected any abnormal phenomena related to this matter until the present moment.

The judge said that these rumors and gossip increase with the approaching end of each year and the beginning of the new year, since some were alleged before the planet was exposed to fires and torrents and the end of the planet in the past years, and this did not happen at all.

The judge stressed that solar storms, if they occur, do not have a serious impact on the planet, and they have no relation to the darkening of the planet from near or far, indicating that the institute continuously monitors the sun and monitors it in cooperation with many observatories to predict all possible phenomena.

The head of the Astronomical Research Institute explained that the institute monitors and measures magnetic boards through the magnetic observatories located in Fayoum and Abu Simbel, where they are measured around the clock, and thus abnormal phenomena can be known significantly.

He said that from the scientific point of view, the institute is following the current period of the 25th cycle of the activity of the sun, which began since last year, which is characterized by relative calm and gradually increases with the progress of the session, noting that the average age of the cycle is 11 years, indicating that the activity of the sun reached its peak in 2013, where The Earth witnessed the aurora borealis at that time.

Solar storm

The Egyptian Space Agency reveals the secret of the December 23 storm

Dr. Mohamed El-Qousi, CEO of the Egyptian Space Agency, said that it is not correct for the Earth to be exposed to darkness for a period of 3 days at the end of next month due to a solar storm, as some have traded, but the fact of the matter is that it is just a solar storm and it will be on December 23 next.

Dr. Al-Qousi added that “it has never happened before that the sun has become darker or subsided and the globe darkened, but it is only a solar storm,” stressing that the solar storm that the planet will be exposed to is the exit of particles from the sun on the earth, such as air storms that carry a huge amount of dust. .

The head of the Egyptian Space Agency revealed that the storm that the Earth is exposed to will be the largest in 161 years, as the Earth was exposed in 1859 to a solar storm, but it did not cause complete darkness of the earth, but some places were dark, as well as the storm of 1984 that the earth was exposed to and darkened some areas.


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