The first country leader to congratulate Trump on winning despite the election results being undecided


Conservative Slovenian Prime Minister Yaniz Jansha congratulated US President Donald Trump on Wednesday for his re-election as president, although the election result has not been announced, especially in the key crucial states.

“It is very clear that the American people have elected Donald Trump and Mike Pence for another four years,” Yansha, whose country is the first lady Melania Trump, said in a tweet.

“The main media are denying this with many delays and information, but the final victory of the president of the United States is greater,” he added.

Prime Minister of Slovenia Janez Jansha

On Wednesday, Trump plunged the United States into unknown by announcing his victory, and urged the Supreme Court to stop counting the votes in what he considered “a major fraud.”

Jansha, who leads the anti-immigration Slovenian Democratic Party, is accused by the Slovenian opposition and major media of exploiting the Coronavirus crisis to attack independent and critical media.

He, along with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, is one of the few leaders in the European Union who supported Trump’s candidacy, considering that “Biden will be one of the weakest presidents of the United States throughout history.”

“Frankly, we won the elections,” Trump said in a brief speech at the White House, speaking of “fraud,” but without presenting any concrete evidence of this, and very vaguely demanding “to stop (count) all votes,” affirming that he intends to go to the Supreme Court.

Trump’s announcement of his victory prematurely at 02:20 local time (07:20 GMT) is considered unprecedented for a US president while the states are still counting the votes.

The Biden camp denounced the unprecedented “scandalous” statements of the president.

The Democratic election campaign team said it is a “deliberate attempt to deprive American citizens of their democratic rights,” stressing that it is ready for a “judicial” battle if Trump turns to the Supreme Court.

Biden had said earlier that he was on the right track to victory, calling on Americans to be patient.

Biden added to his supporters who gathered in his stronghold of Wilmington, Delaware, “Keep your faith, we will win!” “We believe we are on the right track to win these elections,” he said.

A candidate needs 270 votes from the major electorate to win the US presidential election out of 538.
Up to this point, the outgoing president had received 213 votes from senior voters, while Biden had received 238.

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