The first parliamentary comment on a picture of Muhammad Ramadan with an Israeli singer in Dubai


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MP Abdel Hamid Kamal, a member of Parliament, described the appearance of the star Mohamed Ramadan embracing an Israeli singer, during their stay in Dubai, in the UAE, as “shameful”, adding that it causes the Egyptian artist to suffer “the curse of normalization,” he said.

The “Israel Speaks Arabic” page, affiliated to the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, had celebrated a picture of the Egyptian artist, Muhammad Ramadan, hugging an Israeli singer, while they were in Dubai, UAE.

The Israeli page published the photo and wrote next to it: “Art always brings us together … Egyptian star Mohamed Ramadan with Israeli singer Omir Adam in Dubai.”

Kamal said, in a statement to Al-Masry Al-Youm: “The artist, Muhammad Ramadan, acted irresponsibly and did not take into account his popularity and his influence on the youth, who still considers Israel the first enemy of the Arabs, and that the psychological barrier between Arabs and the Israeli entity is large.”

He added: “Muhammad Ramadan is acting recklessly and unsuccessfully, and he forgot that his great popularity was a product of the Egyptian people’s love for him and his acceptance among the youth, before his stardom and talent.”

The deputy stressed the need for the artist, Mohamed Ramadan, to be excluded from participating in patriotic works that embody the heroics of the army and police in the coming periods, because they require patriotic stances from the participating artist, and the Egyptian people are shocked at Ramadan’s irresponsible behavior.

He continued, “I am sad for what Muhammad Ramadan did, and I say to him,” Congratulations on you, Israel, and you will be afflicted by the curse of normalization. ”

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