The first photo of her husband’s killer during the marital relationship with the victim in Oseem


The seventh day obtained an emotional photo that brings together the accused of killing her husband by strangulation by “isharp”, after documenting him during the exercise of the marital relationship with him in Oseem, with the victim, before his murder, where the victim appeared in the picture indicating to the accused with a kiss mark, and their faces showed signs of happiness.

The accused is accompanied by her victim's husband
The accused is accompanied by her victim’s husband

After her arrest, the accused confessed to killing her victimized husband, due to the recurrence of family disputes between them, in addition to her, as she says, she became “suffocated from him” because of insults at her and not spending him on her.

The accused stated that she did not commit the crime in front of their son, and that she informed his family members of his death, left the marital home, and ran away to her family’s residence in the classroom, and indicated that he asked her to practice the marital relationship, and she responded to his request, and said to him, “Come we shout a little.” The marital relationship documented him with a rope, and after his hands and feet were tied, and after they finished practicing the relationship, she strangled him by means of “scarf”, then loosened his tie and put his clothes again, and slept next to the body for several hours until the morning, then she called his family and informed them of his natural death, and ran away to her family’s residence in the classroom.

She said that her husband’s family members refused her marriage to the victim, as a result of her previous work in a nightclub, and their belief that she was notorious, which led to the recurrence and increase in family disputes with the victim..

She added that recently she worked as a nurse and spends on her husband, especially after he lost his job in one of the companies, and she admitted that after he was killed by suffocation, she seized his mobile phone, silver artifacts, two rings, and a chain, the property of the victim, and ran away and instructed about the stolen items after she was caught..

The seventh day received the full confessions of the accused, who said that her husband used to tie him with a rope during the exercise of the marital relationship with her, and as a result of the repeated disagreements between them, she decided to end his life, especially since before she committed the crime, a quarrel had occurred between them..

Defendant A, who works as a nurse, added that the victim asked her to tie him with a rope in order to practice the marital relationship, so she took the opportunity and trusted him, then strangled him with a scarf of her own, until she was sure of his death, then untied him, and dressed him again, then she slept next to the body until In the morning, she called his family, informed them of his death, and ran away.

The accused wife said that her husband was constantly accusing her of her misconduct, and she felt that he was related and talking to another woman, which prompted her to decide to kill him, and as soon as she escaped, she headed to her family’s house in the Saff area until the detectives arrested her..

The accused stated that before her marriage to the victim, she had been married twice before, and had children from her two former husbands, and had also given birth to a child from the victim, and she indicated that among the disputes that led to her decision to kill him was his failure to spend on her, as he worked in one of the companies She stopped working a while ago, and she was spending it.

The Oseem Police Station received a report stating that the body of a person was found inside a residence, the detectives moved to the place of the incident, and through the examination of the corpse it was found that the victim had been strangled, and by conducting investigations, it became clear to Major Muhammad Magdy, the head of Oseem Investigation, that the victim’s wife was behind the commission of the crime.

By preparing an ambush for the accused, Major Walid Kamal, head of Al-Barajil Police Station, managed to arrest the accused in the Al-Saf area, and in confronting her she confessed to killing her husband, due to frequent family disputes between them, and instructed about the scarf used to strangle her husband.

The defendant told Colonel Ahmed al-Waili, inspector of North Gizas investigations, that she had killed her husband while documenting him with a rope, and narrated the details of the crime, so Major General Mahmoud al-Sabili, Director of the General Administration of Giza Investigations, notified, and the prosecution took over the investigation.


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