The first photo of the defendants in the “Traffic Child” incident after imprisonment


10:30 PM

Tuesday 03 November 2020

Books – Muhammad Al-Sawy:

“Masrawy” obtained the first photo of some of the defendants in the “Child of Traffic” case after the decision to imprison them.

The defendants were shown in the photo, with their heads bowed, and “shaving their hair.”

On Monday, the Public Prosecutor, Counselor, Hamada Al-Sawy, ordered the infringement of a traffic police officer to be placed in a monitoring house, and those who were in his companion to be held in custody pending investigations.

The Public Prosecution stated in an official statement that, as part of its completion of the investigations into the incident, it became clear that the abusive child had published a clip yesterday evening on social media sites, as soon as he was handed over to his parents, in implementation of the Public Prosecution’s decision, which included committing a new crime, and the investigations with those who were with him also resulted in circumstances. Including the continuation of their assault and the aforementioned child against the police officer immediately after the end of the first incident, and their filming of a clip of this violation that the “Public Prosecution” circulated today on social media sites, as well as other clips of similar incidents committed by the aforementioned. By their pledge to the “Public Prosecution”, such as its decision to correct his behavior and take good care of him after his delivery to them.

As soon as he left the Serail of the Public Prosecution office yesterday, he broadcast a new clip that included committing another crime, so the Counselor ordered the Public Prosecutor to speed up his arrest and questioning regarding the new facts and the results of the investigations that were recently circulated on social media, and then he was deposited in one of the observation houses for a week and held evaluation sessions for his behavior It also recommended that the “National Council for Motherhood and Childhood” be brought before the end of the period to the competent court to consider the matter of extending the deposit.

Likewise, the Public Prosecution decided, within the framework of completing the investigations, to detain those who were in the company of the accused child in custody for four days pending investigations, and to present them and the child to the “Forensic Medicine Authority” to analyze a sample of them to indicate the extent of their use of any of the narcotic substances, and to request a memorandum from the father of the offending child in response. According to the results of the investigations and the developments in them, and the seizure of the car in which the accused were traveling, examined it, and provided its data with a statement to its actual owner.

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