The first pictures of the engagement of the presenter Mirna Al-Helbawy and the singer Mohamed Attia


Presenter Mirna El-Helbawy celebrates her engagement to the artist, Mohamed Attia, as they both posted pictures of their engagement on their Instagram accounts, and they exchanged romantic phrases and words.

Mirna Al-Helbawy and Mohamed Attia get engaged (2)

Mirna El-Helbawy, through her account on the Instagram site, published pictures of the moment of dressing the double and reading Al-Fatiha, in a ceremony held in a family atmosphere, through her account.

Mirna Al-Helbawy and Mohamed Attia get engaged (3)

Mirna also participated in a photo session for them, and commented, “You are the one who prayed for God,” amid the audience’s comments, for success in their new life, as the star Mohamed Attia replied, saying: “I have chosen you.”

The engagement of Mirna Al-Helbawy and Mohamed Attia (5)

It is noteworthy that both Mirna and Attia published many pictures during their meetings and announced their affiliation before, as Attia wrote before saying: “No one will ever replace you. The day we go away .. This is a very normal situation .. I am not simply the weakest .. I am the party that one day he says he will go away .. His age will not be known .. I am defeated and surrendered and I am not ..Think about how Haddad stayed .. I wrote this song for Mirna because she was upset with me yesterday. “

Mohamed Attia via Instagram

Mirna El-Helbawy via Instagram

She replied, “No one makes me happy like you. It took me 28 years to find someone like you and I will never let you go no matter what.”

Mirna El-Helbawy and Mohamed Attia


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