The Football Association opens an investigation into the “formula” of the English Melwall player summoning speech


Walid Al-Attar, Executive Director of the Football Association, announced the intention of the Jabaliya Board of Directors to open an investigation into the incident of sending a letter to the English club Millwall to summon Ramiz, may God protect him, to join the Egyptian youth team. Al-Attar said on the “On Time Sports” channel, commenting on the letter: “On Saturday we will open an investigation and will not It takes a lot of time, the wording of the letter sent was wrong, I admit it, “and he continued:” I do not want to say any unnecessary justifications. We want to know what happened to avoid that mistake in the future, and I do not exempt myself from responsibility. It was supposed to review the letter better. ”

Rabih Yassin, the coach of the Egyptian national team for youth under 20 years old, explained the position of the Egyptian youth team regarding the inclusion of Ramzallah, the English player Melwal, who holds the Egyptian and Moroccan nationalities. Rabie Yassin, the coach of the national team, said that the officials of the Football Association, they addressed the English club Melwall on October 4 last. At his request, to include the player Ramez Hafez Allah for the Pharaohs Youth Camp during the next stage

He added that he had requested that Ramez Hafez Allah undergo a technical test in the Pharaohs camp, provided that he would play a friendly match during his stay, but no response to the letter, either from the club or the player, arrived.

And he continued, the Moroccan Federation announced, on Wednesday, that Ramez Hafez Allah would join the ranks of the Atlas Lions youth, despite the Egyptian Football Association’s request, to include the player in an official letter sent to the English club.

In the same context, Walid Al-Attar, Executive Director of the Football Association, confirmed that the security authorities had addressed the attendance of 10 thousand fans in the African Champions League final match between Al-Ahly and Zamalek on November 27th, indicating that CAF does not object to the presence of the masses in the event that the precautionary and medical measures for prevention are applied. From the emerging corona virus.

Al-Attar said in statements to Ontime Sport 1 that security has also been addressed to hold the final match at Cairo Stadium, and there is a great opportunity to transfer the match to Cairo Stadium after there were security approvals to play at Burj Al Arab Stadium.

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