The Football Association sets December 10 as the date for the African Super Cup


The Five-Year Committee of the Football Association has set on December 10 the date for the African Super Match between the African Champions League champion, which has not yet been decided, and the Confederation champion, the Moroccan Berkane Rise, after CAF decided to hold the match in Egypt.

Today, Monday, the Egyptian Football Association will hold the draw for the Premier League competition in the 2020/2021 season, at one oclock in the afternoon in a Cairo hotel, and the representatives of the clubs participating in the competition attend the lottery by a representative of each club who determines the main and reserve stadiums for his team to compete in their matches, subject to the approval of the authority. The owner of the stadium and the security authorities, in addition to specifying the players’ shirt numbers.

The Five-Year Committee for the Administration of the Football Association has set, on December 9, the date for the launch of the new general tournament 2020-2021, and the new league will be held in its normal form of two roles after the clubs rejected the proposal to establish the new league from one role.


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