The Football Association: We are waiting for the security decision to attend the African final fans after CAF approval


Mohamed Fadl, a member of the Football Association’s board of directors, confirmed that the African Union agreed to attend the crowd for the Al-Ahly and Zamalek match at Cairo Stadium, scheduled for next Friday.

Mohamed Fadl said, in an intervention with the media, Saif Zaher, on the “On Time Stadium” program broadcast on On Time Sport 1: “We had a meeting and I spoke to the fans and we sent to the African Union asking for the attendance of the masses, and CAF agreed to the presence of 5 to 10 thousand spectators, and we are waiting.” Security agreed to their presence in Cairo Stadium, and I explained to them how to organize them on the stadium. “

Regarding his role, Muhammad Fadl said: “My role in the match will be limited to organizing only after I dealt with them on more than one occasion, and they healed the job and they had confidence in us, so I was chosen.”

Mohamed Fadl added: “The African Union is very happy with the arrival of Al-Ahly and Zamalek to the African Final, and they describe the match as the match of the century, and are proud to hold the final in Egypt, and they have no objection to the presence of the fans, and only security approval remains.”

Fadl continued, “The lottery will be held in a Cairo hotel with the presence of Imad Muteb and Hazem Imam, and there is a big surprise for the masses, which is the new league atmosphere, and we will produce it for industry and marketing.”


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