The “Giza butcher” implicates an engineer in his crimes … Marries 3 women in his name and has two children and they are attributed to him


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Like many Egyptians; The engineer, “Mohamed” followed the case of the “Giza butcher” and was amazed at the strangeness of its details. However, he suddenly found himself involved in it. The police of the Pyramids Investigation summoned him and interrogated him for the impersonation of the butcher – who is called “Gaddafi. F », 49 years old – for his name, description and national number in the crimes he committed during the past five years. The thug also married 3 women in the cities of Mansoura and Alexandria, assuming his name and national number.

Muhammad Mustafa Ahmed Mahrous, an electrical engineer, an Egyptian resident in Saudi Arabia, reveals that he fell victim to the Giza butcher, as he committed some of his crimes with his ID, and he does not know how that happened.

Mustafa said to Al-Masry Al-Youm: “I have been working in Saudi Arabia since 2015, married and have two daughters, and about 3 years ago, one six-year-old called my father and said to him,“ Your son has married me and his children have escaped, and I am filing a divorce and alimony lawsuit against him. Of course, something was wrong, and this caused me family disputes with my wife to the extent that I was certain that this statement was not correct and that the whole issue was wrong in the name. ”

He added: “Yesterday, the pyramid department called me and heard the words of Major Ahmed Essam, head of the pyramid investigation, and Lieutenant Colonel Muhammad al-Sagheer, the inspector of the pyramids investigation.


The card that was forged in the name of “Mustafa” bears the same address of his place of residence, according to him. The accused also rented apartments in Mansoura and Alexandria in his name, and said: “I don’t know where I got my data, I don’t think that my card was lost before me, in the police station they told me “I marry in my name and have two children in my name. This is why my work has problems at home with my wife, because I am married and have children.”

“Mustafa” narrated that his work in Saudi Arabia from 2015 to 2020, during which time “Gaddafi” committed these crimes, is what saved him from being involved in these crimes: “They told me in the police station during the investigations that we understand your situation and you will listen to your statements from 3 The prosecution offices of Giza, Alexandria and Mansoura, and after that, an opposition will be made to prove that the wives and children do not carry my name, nor do I have any relationship with them. ”

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