The Group of Twenty pledges to finance a fair distribution of Corona vaccines


“We will spare no effort until we ensure that they (vaccines) reach all people in a fair and affordable price, consistent with members’ commitments to stimulate innovation,” the leaders said in the draft statement, seen by Reuters.

The leaders said that International Economy It has started to ramp up, but the recovery is still “highly uneven and uncertain and subject to increased downside risks”.

The European Union called on the group’s countries to provide 4.5 billion dollars by the end of the year to finance combat tools Covid-19 To the poorest countries.

The leaders acknowledged that countries in Africa and small developing countries face challenges, indicating that some middle-income countries may need debt relief due to the epidemic.

In the context of ensuring better preparation for any other epidemic in the future, the leaders also said that they would commit to “accelerating global preparedness for any epidemic and means of prevention, monitoring and dealing with it.”

The group also said that it would seek to find a way to impose taxes on the giant technology companies, especially the ones Google And Amazon, Facebook, Apple and Microsoft.

The giant Internet companies have greatly benefited from the shift to remote work that the epidemic imposed on the global economy, and the European Union countries have been seeking for some time to impose such taxes.

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