The head of the Holy Quran Reciters Syndicate: There is no objection to accepting the singer Baha Sultan into the union


Sheikh Muhammad Hashad, the head of the Holy Quran Reciters Syndicate, said that there are a number of websites that contacted him to ask him whether Baha Sultan joins the Syndicate? The answer was that if the conditions for joining the union were fulfilled, namely memorizing the Holy Qur’an, good conduct, reputation and behavior, then there is absolutely no objection to joining the union.Hashad indicated, during a telephone interview with the nine p.m. program presented by the journalist Wael El-Ibrashy on the Egyptian Channel 1, that reading the Qur’an is very different from the invocations, stressing that if Bahaa Sultan will sing songs that are not vulgar, it is possible to join the union because if he sings in Banal parties will be criticized by the union.

The singer, Baha Sultan, shared with his followers during the past hours a clip during which he recited the Holy Quran and won the admiration of many.Bahaa was born to an Egyptian father and a Bahraini mother, and he loved singing from a young age, but his ascent, punctuated by a long series of disagreements, and his artistic beginning was in a choir behind the artist Hossam Hosni in the nineties, and then he met the poet and singer Mustafa Kamel, who introduced him to the producer Nasr Mahrous, and from here it was The beginning, was the start with the album Free Mix 1.


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