The Houthis agree to send experts to the “Safer” tanker, and the United Nations confirms


The Houthis agree to send experts to a tanker


The oil tanker “SAFER” in the Red Sea – archive

The Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs in the Sanaa government, a leader in Ansar Allah, Hussein Al-Ezzi, confirmed that a letter had been sent to the United Nations in which the group announced its agreement to the arrival of a team of experts to inspect the oil tanker “Safer”.

Al-Ezzi wrote on Twitter: “We sent a message to the United Nations, in which we confirmed our welcome to the team of experts in charge of assessing and maintaining the Safer ship, and we are still waiting to inform us of the date of the team’s arrival in Yemen.”

He added, “We highly appreciate the positive understandings that have taken place recently between us and the United Nations, and we are very hopeful that the team will not be late this time.”

For his part, Stefan Dujarric, a spokesman for the Secretary-General of the United Nations, confirmed that “the organization received the letter of invitation from the Houthis.” .

The weight of the tanker tanker “Safer” is 4 thousand 9 tons / meter, and it is named after the site where oil was discovered for the first time in Yemen.

The Houthis stipulate that the oil in the reservoir be sold for their benefit, which is strongly rejected by the Yemeni government, which has made the reservoir crisis continuing for years.

The United Nations is making efforts to sell oil and distribute its revenues to both parties as a compromise solution to end the crisis.

Source: RT + “Agencies”

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