The husband of Mona El-Shazly and a famous fashion designer .. The fact that Radwa El-Sherbini married 15 times


She is the keyword behind Fame Media Radwa El-Sherbiny, Despite her previous work in the field of media and television, she did not gain that wide fame until after presenting the “She Wass” program on CBC “Sufra”.

All that matters to women talk about Radwa El-SherbinyEspecially the emotional and family relations and the relationship between men and women, until it was called the enemy of men, so its fame increased widely and its program succeeded in a way that it had not expected in just 3 years since its inception in 2017

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The tax of success was paid by Radwa El-Sherbiny during the three years because of her fame, since her emergence and chased by rumors, especially since she advocates for women and urges her to preserve her dignity and not to submit to men in a way that eliminates her life, so controversy has been raised about her with repeated marriage rumors to attack her and distort her image as the champion of the woman and the enemy of the man as he sees it The audience.

The rumor of Radwa El-Sherbini’s marriage to Mona El-Shazly’s husband

During the past hours, the name of Radwa El-Sherbiny Trend has been on top of social networking sites and search engines after the rumor of her secret marriage to “Samir Youssef”, CEO of the Channels Group. CBCThe husband of the media, Mona El-Shazly, who has a good relationship with Radwa El-Sherbiny, to become the talk of the hour and the new trend.

Radwa El-Sherbiny did not calm down until she spoke with her audience, “Live” yesterday on her Facebook account, to clarify the full picture of that rumor, and she explicitly and clearly denied all that was circulated, and apologized to Mona El-Shazly’s family and her husband for this embarrassing situation.

Radwa El-Sherbiny replied

Radwa El-Sherbiny said: “I encountered a very strange rumor, and because it does not belong to me, I am alone. You know what to say, or maybe you know what to say at this particular time. “

And she continued: “By saying to people who love me and do not love me, I am a person who is not connected, and when all people are related, you will know, because I am not the one who does a need in the house and not the one who does something in the slippers. I am well enough or that whatever need I do, I say that I am doing it. Because the passport is not a defect, and I say that in my program, always get married, but choose the right thing. “

She added: “I am not connected to my daughters and to see my work and to see the problems of women, and to whom we are able to solve it with his bees, and to whom we are not able to pray to our Lord to solve it, and when I am connected to not Egypt, you will know the entire Arab world, it will know, and you will not talk more than this because of what is needed. Bigger than its size. “

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Rumor Radwa El-Sherbiny marriage to a fashion designer

This was not the first time that marriage rumors spread about Radwa El-Sherbiny, about a year and a half ago, a rumor spread about her marriage to the Egyptian fashion designer Bahij Hussein, who designed her first wedding dress, but Radwa El-Sherbiny talked about this and completely denied it and confirmed that she has a relationship Good friendship with the designer Bahij Hussain, and it is completely unrelated to marriage.

And Hazrat Radwa El-Sherbiny
Devilah Bahij Hussain in 2019, and stood on the stage next to “Hussein” to present the show, and talked about her strong relationship with her friend Bahij Hussain.

Radwa El-Sherbiny married 13 times

Also, two years ago, the rumor of Radwa El-Sherbiny’s marriage spread 13 times and she was engaged 3 times, to be a shock to many of her fans who always believed the rumors and searched for them, and it was disturbing for Radwa El-Sherbiny, who was surprised to follow the rumors until the number reached 13 marriages.

After this rumor, Radwa El-Sherbiny appeared in an interview with the media, Mona El-Shazly, on a program with you, and talked about the truth of that rumor, and she said that she was receiving messages that include questions about this matter while she was accompanying her mother to conduct a difficult operation .

At the time, Radwa El-Sherbiny commented on this rumor, saying: “How do you get married 13 times, meaning that I may be permissible for only an hour, and without several months after the divorce.”


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