The judiciary accuses Nancy Ajram’s husband after the “villa incident”


And the Investigative Judge in Mount Lebanon, Nicolas Mansour, issued a “indictment,” accusing Al-Hashem of killing the Syrian Mohammed Moosa He received 18 shots from a military pistol inside his house in Jabal Lebanon.

The judge considered that “Al-Hashem’s actions apply to the crime of intentional killing stipulated in Article 547 of the Penal Code, which provides for hard labor up to 20 years.” Crime in the context of legitimate self-defense.

Judge Al-Hashem referred to the Criminal Court in Mount Lebanon for trial.

Al-Mousa had infiltrated the singer’s villa Nancy Ajram In New Suhaila, about 20 kilometers north of Beirut, on the night of January 4, he was masked and armed with a pistol.

Moussa arrived at the bedroom of Al-Hashim and Nancy’s three children, and threatened to kill him and his family if he did not guide him to the treasury of money and jewelry, so Al-Hashem rushed to bring his pistol and shot the attacker, killing him with 18 bullets.

The judge indicated in the merits of his indictment that “Al-Hashem’s exaggeration in firing this amount of bullets at the dead body expresses that he has exhausted all means of self-defense, and it appears that it is the result of a revolution of anger and fear on his wife and children.”

Al-Hashem was arrested shortly after the incident to carry out the legal requirements, but he was released after two days pending investigation, and he was banned from traveling.


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