The mayor of Nagrig leads the communication sites … after Mohamed Salah was infected with Corona


The hashtag “Mayor-Nagrig” has taken over the social networking sites in Egypt with the massive appearance of the man in the media after announcing that the Liverpool striker, Mohamed Salah, was infected with the Corona virus.

And the pioneers of communication sites in Egypt ridiculed the hosting of the mayor heavily in the media and his statements about Salah’s condition and his future status as if he was a spokesman for him, even though he is just the mayor of a small village in the Nile Delta, which is the birthplace of the Egyptian national team star.

Interestingly, the media gave great attention to the man and his statements, and even quoted him as saying that the Egyptian player will return to England for treatment from the virus, after he communicated with his coach, Jurgen Klopp, who advised him to contact the club’s medical team.

And the Egyptian newspaper “Akhbar Al-Youm” (official) published, quoting the mayor of Nagrig as saying, “Salah hugged me 5 times, and told me: Take off the muzzle, Uncle.” Then the newspaper deleted this news.

The mayor of Nagrig village appeared on a number of Egyptian media outlets talking about the circumstances of the injury and the health condition of the Liverpool striker.

The mayor of Nagrig made a number of statements about Salah being infected with the Corona virus, which were met with sarcasm by communication sites.

Mayor Maher Shtayyeh made a statement in which he said, “I do not think that Mohamed Salah was injured at his brother’s wedding. We will carry out swabs for everyone, and if he had been injured at the ceremony, Trezeguet would have been injured as well, because he greeted all those whom Salah greeted.”

Some of the tweeters answered him, asking, “Is the mayor now the one who has the decisions to wipe or not?”, And another tweeted, “If we want any news about Salah, you have the mayor of Nagrig and no consolation for the Football Association.”

Tweeters interacted with various statements, and what was reported by official newspapers and Egyptian media, until he became the mayor of Nagrig at the moment, and some of them described him as “suddenly turning into the mayor of London, not the mayor of Nagrig.”

Some of the tweeters said if Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp wanted to reassure him about Salah; He will contact the Mayor of Nagrig directly, and others have said that the Mayor of Nagrig exchanges telegrams and messages from the heads and leaders of friendly countries.

On Friday, the Egyptian Football Association announced that Liverpool striker Mohamed Salah was infected with the Corona virus in Egypt, before the upcoming confrontation with Togo, on Saturday, in the African Nations Cup qualifiers.

Salah was infected with the new Corona virus while attending his brother’s marriage contract in Egypt, and the results of the analysis appeared positive, even if he did not show any symptoms of infection.

According to a FIFA statement, Salah does not suffer from any symptoms, while the rest of the Egyptian team tested negative.

Salah was subject to the medical protocol after the coordination of the Egyptian national team doctor, Dr.Muhammad Abu Al-Ela, with his English club Liverpool, in addition to isolating him in his room, as well as isolating all contacts.

The statement added that Salah will undergo more tests in the coming hours. To determine his position from participating in the Togo match, in the third round of African Nations Cup qualifiers.

Later, the official page of the Egyptian Football Association on the social networking site “Facebook” deleted the statement it had issued regarding Salah’s infection with the Corona virus, to confirm that Salah had been infected in a second statement after a second scan was performed on him.

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