The Minister of Health: “65% of Coronavirus infections are people base in Albania


09:35 PM

Sunday 08 November 2020

Books – Moataz Abbas:

Hala Zayed, Minister of Health and Population, said that the most affected areas that she announced at a press conference today, at the level of infection of the new Corona virus, are due to the nature of the behavior of citizens, not just population density.

Zayed added, during a telephone interview with the “last word” program, broadcast on the “ON” satellite channel, today, Sunday, that citizens in some regions do not effectively apply the precautionary measures, pointing out that they did not prefer disclosing the governorates and regions most affected by the Coronavirus. However, she considered it important to send a message to these citizens to warn and pay attention to that.

He explained that Corona injuries in Egypt and the world are greater in cities than they are in villages, as the capitals of countries, governorates, states and regions around the world are the most in the number of injuries, due to the nature of the cities in which citizens reside in closed apartments and closed cafes, while villages are their people. They live in open places and have better ventilation in their homes than in cities.

And the Minister of Health continued: “65% of the injuries are people at home, and the injuries between the farmer, the worker and the drivers are few because they are always in open places and less likely to contract Corona.”

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