The Ministry of Human Resources announces vacancies for both sexes


The Ministry of Human Resources announces vacancies for both sexesThe Ministry of Human Resources officially announces the availability of many jobs for women and men in all regions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and commensurate with all qualifications and work is for some due to the difficulty of work at the present time, whether due to transportation or geographical distance, so we will explain to you through today’s article the most important Available fields of work and specific requirements for application.

Available fields of work

There are many diverse jobs available, which include managing social media and e-marketing, as well as translation, data entry and administrative support, including technical support, customer service, procurement, sales, project and reporting management, and debt collection with the availability of many jobs including writing, content management, public relations, auditing and accounting.

Conditions for applying for remote work jobs

Or, the applicant should not be a Saudi citizen and the age is not less than 18 years and not more than 60 years old, the modern technology devices should be used well and distinctly and have an active Absher account.

Advantages of job seekers

These jobs increase the opportunity to work in a diversified manner, provide transportation costs, mobility, and ease of work, in addition to being suitable for people with special disabilities and relieving the pain instead of going to work on a daily basis.

Registration steps for researchers

First, log in to the remote work portal and select a new account, then choose a remote worker account, add your electronic account, then upload your CV, and after the profile appears, you apply for jobs with the steps that we will explain to you through the next lines.

Everyone can apply for these jobs by logging in on the official link to work remotely, then specify the job and add the required data.


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