The mother of the groom of al-Khusus tells how she discovered his death on the day of “Al-Sabahiya”: She screamed and we broke the door


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Al-Khosos Prosecutor listened to the family of the newlyweds, the victim of an electric diamond in the bathroom of the marital apartment in the morning after the declaration of their burial and the funeral of their bodies, as they confirmed in their statements that the accident was a death resulting from electrocution and that the death occurred 12 hours after they entered the marital home about 12 hours after the wedding night that took place in one of the halls, indicating that The last presence of the newlyweds was after the joy at one oclock in the morning, and after several hours they discovered the incident where the groom’s mother went to check on them, but they did not respond, and the families gathered to the mother’s screams and the apartment door was broken to discover the two bodies

The two families confirmed during the investigation that the accident was caused by a short circuit in the water heater during the shower of the newlyweds, confirming that the death bears no criminal suspicion.

The prosecution, under the supervision of the counselor, Hasan, the Public Prosecutor of the Public Prosecutions of North Benha, ordered a permit to bury the newlyweds, and a report was drawn up on the incident, and the bodies were transferred to the hospital. The prosecution requested the investigations investigation into the incident.

Lieutenant Colonel Mahmoud Aql, head of the investigations department of al-Khosos Police Department, received a report of the incident, and Major General Fakhr al-Arabi, Director of Qalyubia Security, was informed

Security forces moved to the couple’s apartment and looked at the two bodies and asked the groom’s family. They confirmed that the accident was caused by a short circuit in the water heater during the bridal shower. The investigations revealed that the families of the newlyweds went to them on the day of “Al-Sabahiya” to be blessed and to check on them, and with knocking on the door, they did not respond. The newlyweds are two lifeless bodies

They added that the accident was a death caused by electrocution only 12 hours after entering the marital home after a wedding night full of joy and happiness that ended in a tragic death accident inside the apartment’s bathroom.

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