The movie “Verse” has started to be screened in theaters


The producer of the movie “Verse” decided to release it in theaters tomorrow, Wednesday, after the promotional advertisement and the propaganda song of the film had already been launched on YouTube, the song lyrics by Mohamed Bijou, distribution of Crespo, and the singing of Mamo and Crespo, in preparation for the film’s release tomorrow, 25 November.

“Verse” is the first Egyptian movie to be filmed with the latest 8k camera in the world, in addition to using the latest imaging and graphics capabilities, and using an Egyptian foreign team to implement tricks and graphics. The film’s events take place in a thrilling horror frame, through the character of “Hamza”, a young actor who He studies in his last year at the university, when his personality enters suspicion and a certain situation occurs, and he finds himself chased by him and his friends because of some curse.

The film is directed by Osama Omar and starring Sherif Al Salamouni, Martina Adel, Tamer Al Qadi, Wafaa Sadiq, Maha Abu Auf, Reem Al Baroudi, Nahir Amin, Yasmine Rahmi, Mahmoud Jumaa, Abdel Hamid Mansour, Joumana Fouad, Salma Al Moez, Bigad Al Maghribi, Essam Shaheen, Abeer Happy.


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