The prosecution urges the forensic report of the incident of a farm owner torturing his wife’s children by gathering


The New Cairo Prosecution ordered, to expedite the forensic report, in the incident of arresting a farm owner, accusing him of torturing his two children inside a villa in the gathering after he married their mother, Arfali.

The Cairo Rescue Operations Room had received a notification from the people that a person tortured two children and threw hot water at one of them in the gathering, and immediately the detectives came to the place, and through the examination it was found that M.A., 37 years old, owner of a livestock farm, married to the mother of the children. H. “38 years old is a civil servant, who has been resident in the place of communication for 6 months. He confessed to beating MA 5 years old and suffering burns all over his body and his sister” N.A. “7 years old, with old burn marks in the chest and abdomen, and a water heater was seized. And a hose, they were used to assault children, while they were taken to hospital.

Investigations showed that the accused was disciplining them for disturbing him during his sleep, and it was found that he had previously received psychiatric treatment with anti-depressants with a doctor, and he had previously beaten his mother and had a fracture and the mother claimed that she fell and no record of that incident was issued..

On the other hand, the mother of the children admitted that “he encroached on her first child under the pretext of disciplining them and when he intercepted, he attacked her by beating her, adding that she had previously been married several times, as she gave birth to 4 children from the first in the custody of their father, and the second marriage gave birth to these two children, and the necessary legal measures have been taken.” Towards the accused.


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