The roof of his house fell in a sudden blow, and he found “unimaginable wealth”


According to the British newspaper “The Independent”, that A meteorite The precious metal fell on the roof of the man’s house, so he sold it for a hefty price of $ 1.8 million.

Joshua Hotaga Lang was working on a coffin outside his home in Kunlang Town, when it fell a rock She weighs 2.1 kg on the roof of the house, surprisingly.

As soon as the noise dissipated, the 33-year-old searched for the meteorite and found it in the soil of the garden adjacent to the house.

Joshua said in a press statement, that the noise caused by the meteor was so loud that parts of the house were shaken by the fall Space object.

He pointed out that part of the roof of the house was destroyed when the meteor fell, which brought an unforeseen fortune, adding: “When I touched it, it was still warm.”

This meteorite that fell in the Indonesian man’s house was “carbon chondrite”. It is very rare. Scientists estimate that its age reaches 4.5 billion years, and its price is approximately $ 857 per gram.

The new millionaire said he sold the meteorite to an American expert, Jared Collins, who in turn sold the piece to another American who collects space objects, and is currently putting it for study at the Center for Meteorite Studies at the University of Arizona.

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