The scandals of the wife of the fugitive Hisham Abdullah and Khaled Al-Tamimi are an ongoing show


Dr. Muhammad al-Baz, chairman and editor of the two boards of the “Al-Dustour” newspaper, revealed the details of the continuing scandals of the Brotherhood’s media abroad and a crisis erupting between Ghada Naguib, wife of the fugitive Brotherhood Hisham Abdullah and Khaled Al-Tamimi, pointing out that the scandals are a Mr.

Muhammad al-Baz said during his program “Akher Al-Nahar” broadcast on “Al-Nahar” channel that Ghada Al-Tamimi tried to deny the existence of a lineage link between her son and Khaled Al-Tamimi, and falsely claimed that Khaled Al-Tamimi was a dead person.

She added that Khaled Al-Tamimi went out by himself and wrote the Post confirmed that he is alive, and that Ibn Hisham Abdullah is his son in the first place, calling for analyzes dna

To prove the correctness of his words.

He commented: “Ghada Naguib, famous for Ata Naguib, is trying to lie to absolve herself, and rid herself of the truth that Khaled Al-Tamimi said, and this refers to the nature of the people who work as militants.”


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