The smell revealed the incident .. Details of finding a decomposing body inside a house


12:31 AM

Friday 06 November 2020

Port Said – Tariq Al-Rifai:

Citizens in Port Said governorate found, today, Thursday, the decomposing body of a person inside his home in the Lasilki housing of the Al-Manakh district.

The emergency police received a report from citizens that MA, 54 years old, had found a decomposing lifeless body inside his house. The investigation officers of the Al-Manakh Police Department moved to the place of the report to examine it.

It turned out that the body of the deceased was in a state of decomposition, and about 5 days had passed since his death inside the house, which led to the emission of an unpleasant smell indicating the presence of a death.

The health inspector came to examine the corpse, and it was transported by ambulance to the morgue of Al Zohour Hospital to be kept at the disposal of the Public Prosecution to determine the causes of death, and until the burial is authorized.

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