The start date of the vaccination of children against hepatitis A


Beginning on Monday, November 30, 2020, the vaccination process against viral hepatitis “A” for children born in November 2019, meaning those who have reached the age of 12 months, will start on Monday, November 30, 2020, according to what Health Minister Fawzi Mahdi said in a statement today, Saturday, to the Tunis Africa News Agency.

On the sidelines of a convoy that the Ministry of Health receives aid from the Tunisian Red Crescent, in the form of protective equipment for health workers, worth about 500,000 dinars, the minister said, “Vaccination for hepatitis A has been officially included in the national vaccination program, and the first vaccination process will start on November 30th.” .

In another context, the Minister of Health stated that the scientific committee to confront the Corona virus is in the process of following up the latest developments related to the ongoing research to produce vaccines against the Coronavirus, pointing out that the informants who announced the success of their research in finding effective vaccinations have not yet published their scientific results.

He stressed that Tunisia, as a member of the global organization “KOVAC”, is working in cooperation with the World Health Organization and the World Bank, to provide 4 million doses over two years to vaccinate 50 percent of Tunisians.

He explained that during the year 2021, 2 million Tunisians will be vaccinated, while 2 million others will be vaccinated in 2022, stressing that the Ministry of Health has permission to acquire the specified quantities.

With regard to the recorded deficiency in the level of availability of vaccination for influenza and about 50 types of medicines, Fawzi Mahdi explained that regarding vaccination, 170 thousand doses have been distributed so far out of about 400 thousand doses that were previously announced, he estimated that they are insufficient, but the matter is related to submitting orders. Two years ago and associated with international labs.

As for medicines, the Minister noted that the matter is related to the lack of availability of raw materials in addition to the difficulties in providing liquidity for the central pharmacy due to the financial crisis it is going through, stressing that efforts are currently directed towards paying the dues of suppliers, especially foreigners, so that the supply of medicines continues.

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