The strongest Carrefour magazine offers on the Black Friday 2020 November on all offers


Egyptians are waiting for the White Friday offers, or as it is called in the West, Black Friday, and this day comes on the last Friday in November, when all the large shops make offers on all products. I started the idea of ​​Black Friday in 1869 AD, and the goal was Establishing an international shopping day in order to buy various products at great discounts, many Arab regions recognize the festival of price cuts, which is called Black Friday internationally. In the festival of price cuts, discounts range on various products and goods.

Black Friday 2020 date

The whole world celebrates Friday 27 / November / 2020, which is called in the Arab world as White Friday, and there was a reason behind this strange name due to the fact that the stores were opening early, presenting to the public many offers and products, and the black color prevailed in their appearance and manner Products.

The History of Black Friday

A global recession and economic recession occurred in 1869 during the month of September, which negatively affected the buying and selling process, and stocks and currencies were damaged, which led to the accumulation of products in the stores due to the lack of daily consumption for a long period of time.

Black Friday in Egypt

The various shops make huge offers and discounts, such as Carrefour, Hyper One, B-Tech, and Toshiba for Al Arabi, on food, beverages, ready-made clothes, household and electrical appliances, cosmetics, and even the discounts and offers reached the pharmacy, as we have recently seen them on baby supplies, disinfectants, skin and body care products.

A decision was issued by the Egyptian government to punish commercial stores that do not adhere to precautionary measures against the emerging corona virus during the public presence on White Friday, by closing for a period of three days.


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