The violet sky is dreading his entire country … the reason cannot be imagined


According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, this fuchsia In the town of Trelleborg I grew up from a tomato plantation.

The source pointed out that this was repeated at night in the town on the southern coast of Sweden.

This phenomenon was mainly caused by the installation of an economical energy system in one of the largest Farmer Tomatoes in the country, a system that is achieving self-sufficiency in energy.

In Geslof, a district 10 minutes east of Trelleborg, tomato production depends on an economic energy system that emits purple light.

Experts say this light is beneficial for farming, as it also helps extend the production season tomatoes.

But a number of residents of the towns of Geslof and Trelleborg lodged complaints, expressing their displeasure, because the light was shining towards their homes.

After submitting this complaint, the farm owners decided to turn off the lights between five in the evening and eleven in the evening, meaning that they would turn on when most of the residents had gone to sleep.

This step was not enough for the residents, so Michael Noren, the environmental official in Trelleborg, confirmed his intention to file another complaint in order to avoid any inconvenience in the future.

This color becomes highly visible when the hazy clouds are at a limited height in the sky.

Meanwhile, the company that owns the farm, “Alfred Paderson and his son,” issued a statement, stating that they intend to completely stop producing tomatoes during the evening.

They pointed out that the residents should not have been angry, because they originally used the controversial energy system, in order to save electricity and speed up tomato production, and therefore, stopping it would be a “step backward,” according to what they said.

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