The wonders and wonders of the stars … Coca sleeps with her eyes open, and Souad Hussein is running from the imp


Art stars possess special talents and abilities in the arts in which they shine, whether singing, acting, dancing, etc., but sometimes some of these stars possessed special abilities that exceed the capacity of ordinary people, and if the audience knew them, they might see in them a miracle and something surprising and beyond the reasonable framework, as it was Many of them have strange customs and weaknesses that they try to hide from the public.

In a rare issue of Al-Kawkab magazine, the magazine published some of these special abilities or strange habits that characterize a number of the stars of the beautiful time, under the title “It is not reasonable”

Among these wonders and oddities was what Alkawakeb published about the artist Coca, who was famous for the roles of the Bedouin.

Al-Kawakeb said that it is known about the wolf that he sleeps with one of his eyes open because the nature of caution from his instincts, and that humans do not do that and do not sleep in this way, with the exception of the artist Koka, who close to her knows I sleep in this strange way since she was a child, where she sleeps with one of her eyes open.

Coca said that she used to sleep in this way because of her fear while she was a child of thieves and a slain man, and that she shared with the wolves that it was her temperament to be careful and careful.

Al-Kawakeb also mentioned that the artist, Suad Hussein, was known for her extreme fear of the dark, and she always thought that a thief or goblin was hidden for her in every corner, so she was suffering from shortness of breath and crying out for help if she was in a dark place.

On one occasion, the electricity was cut off in her house, despite the presence of her husband and the servants who worked with her, and although she lived in a lively street full of traffic, she started screaming in the street and panting as if ghosts were running behind her.


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