The world recounts its calculations about Corona


The number of new infections with the new Corona virus exceeded the barrier of 46 million infected globally, and the number of deaths reached one million and 199 thousand cases, in light of the continuation of the second wave of the outbreak of the virus, which recorded record numbers that were not recorded even in the first period of its spread.

European countries have changed their decision to reopen and adapt to a more stringent closure, while the United States awaits the date of its presidential elections scheduled for November 4, while other countries are waiting to re-impose a full or partial closure.

Less stringent procedures

Britain, after crossing the threshold of one million injuries, will enter a month-long lockdown starting from Thursday after a parliamentary vote early next week, in order to “contain the autumn wave,” in the words of Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

France decided a second closure, last Friday, that will continue for an initial period of 4 weeks, until the first of December “at least”, with less stringent measures than those followed in the first closure, especially in terms of keeping schools and workplaces open.

And French President Emmanuel Macron, when announcing the measures, stressed that “the virus is spreading at a speed that even the most pessimists had not expected.”

Portugal announced that it will impose a partial lockdown from next Wednesday, and restrictions, as is the case in other countries such as England and France, will be less strict than those imposed earlier this year, but their impact will affect about 70 percent of the population, after 656 injuries were recorded. New Corona virus and 40 deaths, within the past 24 hours.

Extensive close

Like Ireland, the German government imposed a widespread lockdown, starting tomorrow, Monday, after it reported a record number of cases for the fourth consecutive day, with 19,059 new infections within the past 24 hours, according to the website.CNN About the Robert Koch Institute (RKI).

Belgium, which is scheduled to send patients to Germany for treatment as its hospitals exceeded their capacity, imposes new comprehensive closures for six weeks, starting from Sunday night, as it has the second largest number of infections per 100,000 people in the European Union and the United Kingdom, After the Czech Republic.

“We will return to the strict lockdown that has only one purpose: to ensure that our health care system does not collapse,” said Belgian Prime Minister Alexander de Crowe, when announcing the restrictions last Friday.

Greece has also expanded the containment measures from high-risk areas to the entire country, and that from next Tuesday and will last for one month. Curfews are prohibited from midnight until 5 am, while encouraging more people to work from home.

“People will die” … ransomware attacks affect hundreds of hospital systems amid the pandemic

In light of the large number of people infected with the Coronavirus for treatment, hospitals and health care centers have become a popular target for information hackers who use malicious software, especially with the aim of financial extortion.

An alternative approach to closure

Slovakia decided to take a different approach, testing its population of 5.4 million. About 450,000 health workers, soldiers and police were deployed to implement the plan in the European Union member state, and samples were collected through about 5,000 test points.

Participation in the examinations is not mandatory, but anyone who is unable to provide a testimony with a negative result to the police authorities may face a heavy fine.

While Spain is facing the rapid spread of the virus, by closing the regions, as it quarantined 5 cities, most notably Madrid, last Friday, amid confrontations between police and citizens who considered that the measures taken were very strict, refusing to adhere to them.

On the other hand, Italy, which has recorded more than 647,000 infections and about 38,000 deaths, is waiting to impose new restrictions before making sure if more restrictions are necessary to curb the spread of the virus, noting that after five days of closing restaurants in the evening, and closing Gyms, cinemas and theaters, “the contagion curve is very fast, putting boarding schools at risk,” in the words of Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte.

Record number in European hospitals

The number of hospitalizations related to the Coronavirus recorded a record high in at least 14 European countries this week, with the start of the second outbreak, according to a France Press census based on official figures.

The most affected countries are the Czech Republic, with 62 treatment cases per 100 thousand people, followed by Romania with 57, Belgium with 51 and Poland with 39.

In total, 135,000 people infected with the virus are being treated in hospitals in 35 European countries, compared to less than 100,000 a week ago.

“Europe is the epicenter of the epidemic again”

The number of Coronavirus cases in Europe since the beginning of the epidemic has exceeded 10 million, with more than 1.5 million cases confirmed last week, according to the Director of the World Health Organization in Europe, Hans Kluge, last Thursday.
Klug revealed, during a meeting with European health ministers, that hospitalization cases had risen to “levels unprecedented since spring, and Europe is the epicenter of the epidemic again,” with deaths increasing by 32 per cent across Europe, last week.

Corona and the US elections

Just days before the date of the US presidential elections, the United States is witnessing a record high in the number of injuries, as hospitals approached their capacity, after the number of daily cases reached an average of 100 thousand cases.

The United States records more than 100,000 new infections four days before the election date

At a time when the country is facing the final stage of a tumultuous presidential campaign dominated by the Corona virus pandemic, last Friday, the American health authorities announced that 100 thousand and 233 new cases of Covid-19 disease caused by the virus had been recorded in the past twenty-four hours, a record high for the fifth Once in the past ten days, according to the agency “Reuters”.

Early voting in the US elections exceeds the 90 million mark

More than 90 million Americans voted in the presidential election, according to a tally released by the University of Floridas US Election Project, Saturday.

A different reality in Arab countries

Arab countries are still shy about taking strict decisions, such as partial or complete closure to limit the spread of the virus, as the severity of its spread varied among them, noting that the poor economic situation that most of this country suffers from, even those experiencing a second wave of outbreaks, keep governments away from more measures. Tougher, as employees continue to receive low salaries, and unemployment and poverty rates increase.

Jordan, which closed the country on the weekend for successive times, recorded 57 new deaths from the Corona virus, which constitutes a record high number of victims of the epidemic on a daily basis, with 3 thousand and 301 new infections during the past hours.

Lebanon, which adopted the method of closing towns and cities exclusively, continued to record records that it did not witness in the first wave of the spread of the virus, as it announced one thousand and 699 new infections during the past twenty-four hours, while the total number of deaths rose to 637. Tunisia and Morocco recorded a number. Relatively high, close to 4,000 new cases.

Losing medicines from pharmacies threatens the health of the Lebanese … and “the Iranian is sneaking” into the market

The drug crisis in Lebanon, which is suffering under the weight of economic and financial crises, has expanded to a point that threatens the lives of patients, especially those suffering from chronic diseases, due to the loss of some of the main medicines in pharmacies.

As for the UAE, which has opened its full doors to tourists and residents alike, with the exception of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, which can only be entered after showing a negative test result, it continues to record high numbers similar to those that occurred in the first wave of the virus, with 1121 new infections and 5 cases. Death in the past hours.

Other countries, which witnessed an increase in the number of injuries in the spring of this year, maintain an almost constant curve for registered cases, such as Iraq and Saudi Arabia.

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