They kidnapped my daughter from the cemetery .. A strange incident shakes Dakahlia


A father accused his wife of causing the death of their daughter, and that she kidnapped her body from inside the cemetery after learning that he would request a forensic report.

Notifications were received to the Dakahlia Security Directorate of a report from a mother residing in Tama Al-Amdid accusing his wife of causing the death of their daughter. He was 4 years old despite her burial, and the health inspector’s report of the death is natural and there is no quasi-criminal, but the father doubted that and decided to take out his daughter’s body for medical treatment Al-Shar’i opened the cemetery on her but did not find her, and accused his wife and her family of causing her death and kidnapping her from the cemetery after her death, especially after their divorce.

While the mabahith conducts investigations and checks to uncover the circumstances of the reality and summons the mother to listen to her say about what was attributed to her, and he wrote a report of the reality.

In another context .. announced Dakahlia GovernorateToday, in implementation of the directives of the Administrative Control Authority in Dakahlia, and the continuous follow-up of Dr. Ayman Mukhtar, Governor of Dakahlia, the pharmacy inspection campaigns of the Governorate Health Directorate resulted in the seizure of approximately 1000 drug classes and more than 4000 drug packages and preparations of unknown source without invoices during an enlarged inspection campaign On pharmacies in the center and city of Mit Ghamr, Dakahlia Governorate.This came based on the report presented by Dr. Saad Makki, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health in Dakahlia, explaining that this campaign was implemented within the framework of the Directorate of Health Affairs in Dakahlia for intensive traffic on pharmaceutical facilities, tightening control over the drug market, and controlling violators, in order to preserve the public health of citizens in implementation. For the assignments of the Administrative Control and Continuous Follow-up Authority for the Governor of Dakahlia.

He stressed that the aforementioned seizures consist of medicine packages and preparations not registered with the Ministry of Health and of unknown source and without invoices, medicines affecting the psychological state and expired medicines, and medicines for health insurance and the Ministry of Health, and it is forbidden to circulate in public pharmacies, and one of the unlicensed places was closed.

He added that, in implementation of the mandates of administrative control and the follow-up of the governor, legal measures were taken immediately, regarding violations and referring the written records to the Public Prosecution, in addition to securing seizures.

The Governor of Dakahlia directed the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health to follow up on the prosecution’s actions in this regard, stressing the need to continue intensive campaigns to inspect pharmacies and treatment facilities, in implementation of the directives of the Administrative Control Authority to address violators, and not to be complacent in taking all necessary legal measures against them in order to ensure the health and safety of citizens.

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