They saw .. an almost terrible degree between Badriya Tolba and Al-Hajjah Umm Amr


The actress Badria Tolba posted a video clip on her personal and official account on the social networking site Instagram, and the video appeared similar to her known as Umm Amr, who became famous through a video clip that was circulated on social media pages as she chose a bride for her son at a wedding.

The similarity between the artist Badria Tolba and Hajjah Umm Amr:

The artist Badria Tolba commented on that video and said Honor Lea Kabir Oi that I likened you and your love more when I met you. On the other hand, Badria announced her departure from Al-Nahar channel after she presented the Beit Raya and Sakina program with the participation of the artist Intisar.

The artist Badria Tolba wrote on her personal and official page on the social networking site Facebook and said thanks to Al-Nahar channel for the period she spent with them in presenting the program Beit Raya and Sakina Fikreti and directed by Ahmed Dagher.

She added, “I would have liked to continue with you, but my apologies for the program, due to special circumstances, I thank Kro for the work and wish them success. The Beit Raya and Sakinah program is the third cooperation between Intisar and Badria Students after presenting the first seasons of the Nafsana program.

Intisar and Badria Tolba have collaborated in the play Raya and Sakina Tani with the artist Hamdi al-Wazir, and the play was written by Mustafa Salem and directed by Hosam El-Din Salah. The play also deals with the other part of the story of Raya and Sakina in a comedic manner.


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