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Director Amr Arafa praised the series “Beyond Nature” and its industry, but revealed one thing he did not like about it.

Through his Twitter account, Arafa sent a message to director Amr Salama and artist Ahmed Amin, saying: “Beyond nature is a big step for Egyptian drama, and a great step in Amr Salamas directorial and production career, and a big step in Ahmed Amin’s artistic career, which impressed me.”

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Amr Arafa revealed the thing that bothered him, which is the implementation of the “gorilla” scene, and said: “The gorilla is a step backward in making optical illusions.”

The series consists of 6 episodes, and its events revolve around Rifaat Ismail’s journey of suspicion. Each episode revolves around the famous myths in the “Supernatural” novels, so that each episode is like a separate film, and at the same time all the episodes are interconnected in a common element, “The House of Khadrawi”, The main driver of events in Season 1.

The series “Metaphysics” is presented with translation into more than 32 languages ​​in 190 countries around the world. Dubbing will also be provided in more than 9 languages, including English, Spanish, French, Turkish, German and others. It will be the first Egyptian original series available with audio description in Arabic for the visually impaired and the blind, and text description in Arabic for the hard of hearing.

Supernatural starring Ahmed Amin in the role of “Dr. Rifaat Ismail” and Razan Jamal as “Maggie Makelop” and Aya Samaha in the role of “Howayda”, the former fiancee of “Rifaat”, and Sama Ibrahim in the role of “Raifa”, the sister of “Rifaat Ismail.”

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