Tigray: Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed defends the military operation, dispelling fears of a civil war


Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed

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Abi Ahmed says that fears of a civil war are unfounded

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed defended the military operation launched by his government in the northern Tigray region, denying warnings that this operation could lead to the outbreak of a civil war.

Abiy said, “Ethiopia is grateful to the friends who have expressed their concern,” but he said that fears that the situation in Ethiopia might slide into a state of chaos are unfounded and the result of a lack of understanding of the prevailing situation.

The Ethiopian Prime Minister’s statements came a day after the leader of the Tigray region, “Departition Gebremaikel,” called the African Union to intervene to prevent Ethiopias slide towards civil war.

Abiy Ahmed had fired prominent members of his administration, including the army chief, the director of the intelligence service, and the foreign minister.

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