Tire story .. El-Shennawy, the “Immense Fortress” of Al-Ahly


Mohamed El-Shennawy is the goalkeeper of Al-Ahly club, the impregnable fortress and the safety valve of the red team, especially as he is a goalkeeper with more strong experiences that helped him to dig his name strongly in the hearts of the red fans, in light of the tournaments he contributes to achieving for his team, the last of which is the long-awaited championship by achieving the star The ninth African at the expense of Zamalek in a strong meeting.

And goalkeeper Mohamed El-Shennawy starred in the historic Derby, who gathered Al-Ahly and Zamalek the first Friday at Cairo Stadium and prevented his traditional opponent Zamalek from achieving achieved goals, until he caught attention in the coronation by his keenness to raise his colleague Moamen Zakaria the championship cup

Mohamed El-Shennawy, Al-Ahly goalkeeper, confirmed that he fulfilled his promise with Moamen Zakaria after crowning the African Champions League, in the match in which Al-Ahly defeated Zamalek with two goals to one in the match that was held in Cairo Stadium, and Al-Shennawi said during his interview with Hany Ramzy on Al-Ahly channel: “Praise be to God. I fulfilled my promise with Moamen Zakaria, who promised him that we would answer the championship because of him and the players were up to the responsibility.“.

Al-Shennawy explained: “I did not pay attention to the rumors about my infection with the Corona virus, and I received them with laughter and I was very focused on training and my work, and work is the one who responds to these, and I don’t work my brain with the social, and the players and I agreed not to get busy with it until the tournament is finished.“.

El-Shenawy added: I told Mister Musimani that the coronation of this championship will open for us to be crowned twice or three, and God willing, we will be able to do so, and I apologize to my colleagues for my words to them between the two halves and they are my sisters“.

Al-Shennawy explained: “Mister Musimani left me with the players between the two halves after he felt anxious about the players, so I told them, think about the last two finals when we were defeated and the feeling after the two matches, and we wanted to correct things and crown the title.”“.

The seventh day monitors footage of the goalkeeper Mohamed El Shennawy in the following pictures:

Mohammed Al Shinnawy
Mohammed Al Shinnawy


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