Trump provokes widespread reactions among Egyptians on communication sites: “Abu Hanan is terrified of her”


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The phrase “Abu Hanan” topped social networking sites after US President Trump’s decisions to purge the Departments of Security and Defense of those who are not loyal to him, casting doubts on his intentions to leave the White House on January 20, after President Trump dismissed “Christopher Krebs”, a senior cybersecurity official. And who previously described the American elections as the safest in American history.

One Twitter user commented: “Oh, uncle, Trump, Abu Hanan, he will cry for everyone who is said. The 21, Uncle Abu Hanan, the President # Trump. ”

Another wrote, “Abu Hanan Mashi in Arabic and the song player I am Jailak, and he called it to Taat Hamaki.”

“The New Yorker” magazine reported that Trump is carrying out dismissals of employees in safe institutions and replacing them with others who are more loyal to him, explaining that Trump has dismissed 4 senior US Defense Department leaders and appointed others instead.

The magazine added that Trump dismissed 2 of the leaders of the Department of Homeland Security, adding, in the words of a former senior national security official, “He is clearing the agencies of anyone who is not 100% loyal to him.”

“We will see more professional staff firing and returning more funny clients in their place,” the magazine commented on the dismissals, citing a senior congressional aide.

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