Turki Al-Sheikh comments on the reconciliation of Tamer Hosni and his wife: “Eye of the Mind”


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Counselor Turki Al-Sheikh, President of the General Entertainment Authority in Saudi Arabia, congratulated the artist Tamer Hosni and his wife, the Moroccan artist Basma Bousil, for resolving the dispute that arose between them, and that would have led to their separation.

Turki Al-Sheikh said, on his official Twitter page: “The eye of reason has worked.”

To respond «Tamer» to the tweet via «Twitter», saying: «Your Excellency the Counselor received all your taste».

The Moroccan artist, Basma Bousil, had ended the controversy that had sparked her by publishing the song “Just Like Magic”, following the message of her husband Tamer Hosni, who announced the end of the dispute between them, which made some interpret the matter as ignoring it.

“Bossil” responded to Tamer Hosni through its official account on the “Instagram” website, using the short stories feature, saying: “I was really reckless, just because I love you.”

“Bossil” had published an audio clip of a song by the international singer, Ariana Grande, whose words say: “I get everything I want, because I pull it towards me and look at my phone, but I don’t care, and I read a book.”

Tamer Hosni had sent his wife a message in which he said: “I will not be upset with you, and I am your back and support, no matter what happens. You want to focus with the people who called us and prayed for our children, and thanks to all the artists who sought good for us.”

Tamer wrote to her: “My sweetheart’s smile, unfortunately, you think well, and you greet me and you for the evil of social media because of how much their comment is empty. We forgot you that you knew me and I was famous. You are my beloved and the mother of my children. I am your back, whatever happens. ”

He added: “But what I want to say, maybe we will be a good reason to educate many people. Why is it that someone is upset by someone who writes about it in the media, medicine until the first talks to him, what is the relationship of people to a personal problem between two people that can be solved by phone or in a kind visit? They are among them, and I see it as a problem in the first place. Our Lord made what was between us with affection and mercy, so, unfortunately, you know that there are people who love to destroy homes, and we will not get rid of them, but you are the one who will get rid of the idea that you hear them even though you did not like that ».

He continued: “Oh, you want to focus on the energy of the people who called us and prayed for our children with all good. Indeed, I thank all the people who have sought good for us. He makes mistakes and learns, and I always taught you and did not know you. My soul used to say this was clear, but you shared the honorable audience with you, so it was necessary to respond here, between us precious love and a decent life and our children and our home is the most precious thing in it.

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