Two people were killed and a third wounded in a vendetta in Sohag


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Two people were killed, and a third was wounded, in a renewed feud between two families in the village of “Al-Halafi” in the Al-Balina district in the south of Sohag Governorate.

Major General Dr. Hassan Mahmoud, Director of the Security of Sohag, received a notification from the warden of the Balina Police Station, of a report of hearing shots fired at Izbat Ahmed in the village of “Al-Hallafi” in the center’s district and the presence of victims. And forces from the Central Security Forces, and the forces were deployed and security control was imposed inside the village.

Inspection and examination revealed that shots were fired by some people due to a retaliatory quarrel between them, which resulted in the deaths of Walid Mahrous (32 years old) and Mahmoud Taya (35 years old), after they were hit by separate bullets, and Hussein Ali Hassan was wounded (41) Year »He was shot in the left arm and the back, and the two bodies were transferred to the morgue of El Balina Central Hospital, and the injured person to Sohag University Hospital for treatment.

The security services arrested a number of people suspected of participating in the shooting, and appointed the necessary security services in the area to follow up on the case.

The necessary record was issued regarding the incident and the Public Prosecution took over the investigation.

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