Union of Alexandria issues a statement regarding its new deals


Al Ittihad Alexandria Club, headed by Mohamed Moselhy, warned the fans of the club against being led by rumors of new contracts for the Alexandrian team..

The club issued an official statement:

The Board of Directors of Al-Ittihad Alexandria Club, headed by Mohamed Moselhy, appreciates the interest and follow-up of the fans of the Al-Ittihad Club of Alexandria, who are loyal to the latest developments regarding the preparations for the first football team for the new season, as well as the new contracts for the team.”

The statement added: “Recently, we have noticed some insistence on fabricating crises, whether by publishing incorrect news, to the extent that it amounts to fabricating deals based on the inspiration of its writer that did not occur at all and the widespread debate that accompanies this false news between the masses and lovers of the head of the gap without justification..”

He continued: “The club’s board of directors confirms that negotiations are underway with some players and are currently negotiating with them and their clubs to try to join the ranks of the Alexandria club after the end of these negotiations and their successful conclusion, and this is the approach set by the club’s board of directors in agreement with the technical director Hossam Hassan and in coordination with Ibrahim Hassan. Ball Director.”

He continued: “The club’s board of directors calls on its great fans not to be drawn into this inaccurate news about the football team and its contracts, as this news has negative effects on the team as it is heading towards an important match in the semi-finals of the Egypt Cup, as well as the beginning of the preparation period for the new season..”

He concluded: “It is not at all easy for a daily denial to be issued by the club’s management for these news and blogs on social networking sites about new contracts or renewals for some players, which are not true at all, with confirmation that any contract or renewal of any player in the team is announced through The official website of the club, upon the completion and completion of all procedures in this regard.”


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