Unrivaled insecurity … “Watch” Janna Amr Diab naked from below on a sofa with a young man.


Jana is the daughter of the Egyptian artist , To spark controversy again among activists on social media, after appearing naked from below in an embrace His identity or relationship with it has not been established.

Jana appeared in the pictures that she published on “Instagram” and monitored by “Watan”, embracing a young man in an intimate way and sitting with him on a sofa.

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Night in 🙂

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It has appeared She is wearing a dress that is covered over the top, but she was scandalously naked from below. And she gets her tongue out of her mouth as she embraces the young man, who did not mention the nature of her relationship with him.

Photos criticized by a large number of followers who asked the question whether her father knew what she was doing.

Others also compared her with her half-sister Nour, considering that the latter usually appears with modest looks, while another suggested that Amr Diab’s preoccupation with his unspoken relationship with actress Dina El-Sherbiny was the reason for his daughter’s persistence.

Amr Diab’s daughters always attract attention with their bold behavior, the most recent of which was when Kenzi and her sister Jana appeared in one of the pictures while sitting in a cafe in bold clothes, and Jana showed her back in a narrow red dress, while the other wore a little cloth that covered only places of chastity in her body.

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