Urgent .. death mourns the artist Yasmine Rais


The Egyptian actress Yasmine Rais died today evening, Tuesday, the twenty-fourth of November, when her mother died after a long struggle with illness.

Director Hadi Al-Bajouri announced in his statements a short while ago that the mother of the actress Yasmine Rais had passed away from our world this Tuesday evening after a long struggle with illness, adding that the date of the funeral would be set at a later time.

The illness had intensified on the mother of the artist Yasmine Rais in the past few years, and Yasmine Rais left her works related to her for the funeral, funeral and condolences of her mother.

Actress Yasmine Rais was continuing to shoot her scenes in the movie Neighboring the Moon, in the city of Dahab, with artists Karim Fahmy and Ahmed Malek.


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