Urgent .. The second touch of “Al-Winch” is positive and he will miss his match against Al-Ahly


The second swab that was conducted for the player of the first team of Zamalek club, Mahmoud Al-Wensh, proved positive, and this is to enter isolation, which lasts for 3 days after being infected with the new Corona virus, Covid 19.

The second swab for Al-Winch confirms his infection with Corona and prevents him from the Zamalek match

One of the sources confirmed that the player is currently in the team’s camp and will remain there until Wednesday, and this is subject to another aspect under the supervision of the African Union, and it has become a difficult situation to participate in the Al-Ahly club, whose match is scheduled to take place next Friday.

The first swab that Mahmoud Hamdi Al-Wensh, a Zamalek midfielder, underwent, had tested positive for Corona, as the player had performed a new swab to confirm his injury, and he is waiting for its result, especially since he has not shown any symptoms until now.

It is also mentioned that Mohamed Osama, the doctor of the first football team at the Zamalek club, confirmed that he contacted the winch by phone and this is to reassure him. The first team of Zamalek club yesterday witnessed the absence of Mahmoud Al-Winch, who is the defender of the team. Alahli football club.

Also, he recently returned from the national team camp and he was among the team’s list to face Club Egypt, and this was in the last Egypt Cup match.


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